1punky4u (1punky4u) wrote in americandissent,

What Does Hillary Want?

The presidancy. She wont concede, she will not accept that Obama Has out classed her. He out preformed her. His message had more appeal.

After he had the delegate count last night. After the writing on the wall was carved in...

She failed to bow out gracefully, se failed to heal the rift in the party that She and her campaign help to create.

What did she do? She said she was happy to have stayed the course. She said she will consider her options and move on... she spoke as if she could still win.

She sounded more like BUSH than anything else.

If she can't be president, she wants to destroy the party.

I fear she will run a third party ticket, or stay available for write in ballots.

I fear her hunger for power will hand the election to the republicans and we will all pay dearly for her foly.
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