Geoff Sebesta (megatexas) wrote in americandissent,
Geoff Sebesta


Ran into some birthers this weekend. Some people I know at the coffee shop. I walked by and heard "A certificate of live birth is not the same as a birth certificate."

There's only one sort of conversation that produces that statement.

So I asked them, let's say it's true. I don't care. It's true. He's a foreigner. What now?

Well, he steps down and we have new elections.

I told them that was funny, because we just went through eight years of a disputed presidency and we never got new elections, so that's not so likely. So, does it go to Biden?

It goes to Biden for a few months, they said, then there's new elections. According to the Constitution he can't be president, so there's a do-over.

Well, according to the Constitution he's one-half two-thirds of a person, so I don't think that should be the biggest priority. But whatever, let's say somehow we get new elections. I guess we have to vet the candidates. What about McCain? He was born in Panama.

One of them tried to argue for McCain, but the other shushed him. Even he could see you can't have it both ways there.

So theoretically they would have been protesting McCain just like this. They didn't mind this idea, they thought it was funny. They hate McCain and said Bush was an idiot.

"So I have to ask," I said, "does the symbolism of impeaching the first black President because of where he was born bother you at all?"

"No." "No, not a bit. I hate the guy."

Okay then. Those were all my questions.

Both these gentlemen, by the way, are older white males who work in the "justice" system, I believe in the prison system.

They didn't like the term "birther," either, but allowed as it was in common usage.

After that the conversation veered into whether or not Sotomayor was a racist and I got the heck out of there.

I do not understand these people's priorities, to say the least. I also do not see how these old white folk are so threatened by health care.
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